Meet the fiends.

Our goal is to create fun, creative, and original games that anybody can pick up and enjoy. My brother and I have been collaborating since February 2008 and if there is anything we've's that we love making games.

We hope you love playing them.

Nicholas Barrios
Nick Barrios

"Introduced to BASIC just a little over a decade and a half ago, Nick has been getting computers to do weird things ever since. These days he's working on apps for iOS and building standards-based web apps using Django and ROR.”

Kevin Barrios
Kevin Barrios

"Kevin has designed over a dozen games on the Flash platform, including some of most popular platformers on the web. He's always making art, digital and otherwise, so keep up with him on his blog.”

Steph Fung
Steph Fung

"When she's not busy designing websites or writing songs as Montaine, Steph composes all the music for our games.”